Rough Theory

Theory In The Rough

Flying Furby

Blogging may be light this week, as I have travelled to the wilds of Sydney in advance of the Derrida Today conference. I have a severe cold, which will hopefully have subsided before I need to present, but which is currently enabling me to view my surroundings through a disjointed, slightly surreal, lens. So en route to Sydney I found myself distracted by the following sign posted near the Skybus boarding area:

Skybus regrets that food, drink and pets are not allowed on board.

To which someone had added the convincingly stencilled amendment:

People are permitted, reluctantly

Flying Furby ToyThen on board the plane, I noticed the following list of items “Prohibited at all times on board the aircraft”:

Cellular phones, transceivers, FM/AM radios, pocket pagers, radio controlled devices, printers, television receivers, audio equipment with wireless controls and Furby toys

Never much liked Furby toys myself…

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