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This page consolidates the list of posts related to Capital, volume 1, that I have been preparing as part of the draft work for the thesis. Many posts on Marx are therefore not included here – only those that were written as part of the process of working out the thesis argument. Note that a more systematic presentation of much of the material that was first sketched in the posts below, has now been collected in the draft of my doctoral thesis. The blog posts are better for getting a sense of how I arrived at the conclusions presented in the thesis; the thesis is better for getting a systematic overview of what those conclusions are…

The list of posts below is divided into some recent posts for a reading group on Chapter 25, those on the long series on the first chapter of Capital volume 1, a series united more by the logic of my thesis, than the logic of Capital itself, and relating to Marx’s use of inversion, and what the inversions around labour-power imply for Capital as a theory of forms of subjectivity and embodiment, and then a collection of posts written at various points, trying to work out how to express the gestalt of the category of value, a few conference papers, and then a catchall list of miscellaneous other posts on various parts of the first volume. Note that I have not included here the thesis chapter drafts, which revise and consolidate the arguments initially sketched in these posts.

Posts for the Marx Reading Group on Volume 1, Ch. 25

Archive of posts from here and other participants, at Duncan’s Blog

Revisiting the Product of the Hand

Valued Matter

Malthusian Asides

Blog Series on Volume 1: Inversions, Labour-Power and Subjectivity

Peculiar Commodities

The In-Ourself

Abstract Materialisms vs. Real Abstractions

The Inverted World

The Doing of Dialectics

Fragment on State “Intervention”

Fragment on Crisis, Contradiction and Critique

Many Fragments on the Centrality of Wage Labour

Blog Series on Chapter 1, Volume 1:

Note: the first chapter of the thesis brings together many of the themes that were first explored and worked out in the posts below. If you want an overview of my reading of the first chapter, I would start with the chapter. If you are interested in seeing how my thoughts on the chapter evolve over time, or interested in the various tangents and details that were explored along the way, then the list below may be of greater interest.

Fragment on Textual Strategy in Capital

Reflections on the “Greatest Difficulty”

Nature and Society

Value and Abstract Labour as Real Abstractions

An Aside on the Fetish

Human Labour in the Abstract

An Aside on the Category of Capital

Value and Its Form – from Deduction to Dialectic

Subjects, Objects and Things In Between

Not Knowing Where to Have It

Cartesian Fragment

Relativism, Absolutes, and the Present as History

Random Metatheory

The Universal as Particular

What Is the “Social Character of Labour” in Capitalism?

Fragment on Form and Content

A Way of Visualising Abstract Labour and Value

A Close Reading of the Naming of the Fetish

When Is It Safe to Read Capital

The Play’s the Thing

Occasional Posts on Value

The Quantitative Indeterminacy of Value

The Incarnation of Value

Value as What Will Have Been

Times Like Bats

Some Disassembly Required

Conference Papers:

Modernities Conference Talk

The Bond of Fragmentation

Fetish vs. Reification

When Is It Safe to Read Capital

Impure Inheritances

Immanence and Materialism Conference Talk: What’s the Matter with Marx?: Notes on Marx’s Immanent Critique of Materialism

Marx & Philosophy Society Conference Talk: Beyond Telos and Totality: Immanent Critique as Selective Inheritance

Other Posts on Volume 1:

Circular Reasoning

Form Matters

Hunger Is Hunger

The Abstraction Before Us

Fragment on the Working Day

The Ghost in the Machine

Devaluing Labour

Turning the Tables

Circulating Perspectives

Self-Quoting in Capital

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