Rough Theory

Theory In The Rough


Disassembling Capital: the submitted version of my doctoral thesis.

A number of people have previously read the penultimate version of the thesis, whose chapters have been linked on this page for some time. Those links are below in case anyone has linked to this page, rather than to the individual chapters, and needs to find what they’ve read. If you’ve not read either draft, I recommend starting with the submitted version of the thesis that has been linked above, since it is generally clearer and better targeted.

[OLD] Chapter 1: Historical Materialism, Real Abstraction and Social Deconstruction

[OLD] Chapter 2: When Is It Safe to Go on Reading Capital?

[OLD] Chapter 3: Turning the Tables

[OLD] Chapter 4: With What Must a Science Begin?

[OLD] Chapter 5: Personifying Commodities

[OLD] Chapter 6: How Does Essence Appear?

[OLD] Chapter 7: Forms of Motion

[OLD] Chapter 8: Crossed Circuits

[OLD] Chapter 9: Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta

[OLD] Chapter 10: What a Piece of Work Is Man

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