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MSCP Winter Session

Still not “here”, but for those who are, I meant to plug this weeks ago: the winter session of the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy begins on Monday. The winter session runs for three weeks. Each week, two sessions run on different topics:

Week 1: June 23 – 27
History of Philosophy III: Aristotle – The Practical Philosophy
Interpretations of Nietzsche

Week 2: Jun 30 – Jul 4
History of Philosophy IV: Medieval Philosophy I
Blumenberg’s The Legitimacy of the Modern Age

Week 3: Jul 7 – 11
Mind and Society: Robert Brandom and the Continental Tradition
An Introduction to Hegel’s Logic

More information, registration forms, and such at the MSCP website. Unfortunately, I doubt I will be able to make any of the winter sessions, but the MSCP seminars I have attended in the past have always more than repayed the cost of admission.

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