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When in Rome…

Planning trips provides all manner of opportunities for procrastination. As I’ve mentioned previously, in late May and June I’ll be in Europe – initially at a conference in Rome, and then over to Warwick for the Hegel conference in late May, and then back to London for an event on the 3rd of June – I may still arrange a few other things before returning to Melbourne in mid-June – haven’t decided. Soon, I’ll begin tossing some materials on the blog in relation to the talks I’ll be delivering. First, of course, I have to stop procrastinating over things like where I’ll be staying… ;-P

I am apparently easily entertained by advertisements for lodgings. One place offers all its guests “use of a communal chicken”. Another provides an opportunity to experience something like that communal chicken’s point of view, advertising that its “host will dine on guests at breakfast”.

Unfortunately, even the place with the cannibalistic host is charging more than I was hoping to spend… Any tips on reasonable accommodation in Rome would be much appreciated…

2 responses to “When in Rome…

  1. s0metim3s April 9, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Drop me an email when you’re in London.

  2. N Pepperell April 9, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Hey there – Akismet caught your comment initially – sorry about that.

    Will do. Unless things change, I’ll be speaking at an event at Goldsmiths on the 3rd – I’ll post a few more details on this once it’s been finalised and I have a better sense of when I’ll be, where…

    Take care…

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