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I wanted to put up a pointer to the series on Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money that Mike Beggs has begun blogging over at Scandalum Magnatum. Mike currently has posts up on the first two chapters, with more (much more!!) planned:

Where are the lefty economics blogs? I find myself haunting the philosophy and cultural studies segments of the blogosphere, which is possibly more fun than economics, especially when I need to divert myself from an economics thesis. The web is full of humming radical philosophy and cultural studies blogs, but a radical political economy community just isn’t there. Or maybe I’m just not aware of it?

Anyway, a reading group I’ve been part of in real life is about to turn to Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. I’ve read tons of the secondary literature but never read it right through. It seems important to do so for my thesis at some point, too, so that’s a bonus. So I thought I’d use this spot as a place to work through it, and if anybody wants to join me, great. It’s about 400 pages including the index, and I’ve got a month to get through it for the reading group. So the plan is to do a chapter each working day, starting Thursday. The chapters are not too long – hell, the first one is half a page. But it is dense in places.

(Keynes’ text is available online from MIA.)


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