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Reflex Reflux

Just a very quick note, as I’m running and can’t comment substantively until later, that Joseph Kugelmass has picked up on the cross-blog discussion on self-reflexivity, with cross posts at The Kugelmass Episodes and The Valve that ask whether reflexive thought is possible – and whether such thought is really required for emancipatory transformation. Sinthome has responded at Larval Subjects, with an amazing post that discusses the “cash value” of the concept of reflexivity with reference to Lacanian practice and to critical theory. I promise a response as soon as I have time (Joe – you go away for the summer, you don’t call, don’t write, and then you come back and write something like this when I’m too busy to respond! Seriously – welcome back, and apologies for the delay in my substantive response), but wanted to put up a pointer to the discussion in progress.

For those who missed the original cross-blog conversation, the posts are indexed here.

One response to “Reflex Reflux

  1. Joseph Kugelmass August 28, 2007 at 11:40 am

    đŸ™‚ It’s great to be in the mix again; thank you for not only sparking and consistently participating in this fascinating conversation, but also for keeping records of it so that I could join so late. Looking forward to further thoughts — good luck with the interfering avalanche!

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