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A Permanent State of Beta

From the “Welcome” section of the help file for L Magee’s SOMET software, which LM has developed for one aspect of an overarching PhD project – this may be one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of the complex emotions attached to dissertation research:

SOMET is web-based software for designing and matching semantic web ontologies. It is in a permanent state of beta. It is currently part of a PhD project on measuring the degree to which ontologies and other formal systems can be matched. It is not commercial quality software in a number of respects, and should be treated with appropriate trepidation… Nor does SOMET attempt to faithful representation of all RDF and OWL constructs – in that respect it is a poor cousin to tools like Protege. Nevertheless considerable work and attention to detail has gone into its development, so – please be kind.

I should append something like this to everything I post – at least in the “Scratchpad” category.

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