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Random wanders around the net bring me to strange places… I can’t even remember the trail that led me to Cosma Shalizi, a cogent writer on self-organisation and complexity whose notebooks provide excellent accessible introductions and pointers to reference materials on these and other topics. As I was browsing around, I saw that Shalizi at some point stumbles across Adorno, and simply isn’t sure what to do with him (although he does come up with perhaps the best one-line summary of The Positivist Dispute that I’ve ever seen):


03 Oct 1994 12:00

What in Hell is he saying? (According to Popper, nothing of interest; the dismissal was mutual.)

See also: Frankfurt School; Russell Jacoby; Superstition

* To read: The Authoritarian Personality
* The Culture Industry

I particularly love the cross-reference to “Superstition”.

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