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What One of Us Does When Not Blogging…

L Magee continues to amaze: it seems that, around stints of teaching, developing software, writing a PhD, holding down a “real” job, posting here and at schematique, and providing me with endlessly patient advice on my own work, LM has somehow found time to train for a half-marathon on the sly!

Next Sunday, 17 June, LM will be participating in The Age Run to the G, on behalf of nominated charity OxFam. When I offered to plug the event on the blog, LM responded by worrying that doing this might render LM’s motives unclear:

I’m sincerely not interested in the prizes, and am not interested in fundraising in my name. But if the curiousity of a sometime-roughtheory poster running (jogging? walking?) a half-marathon entices people to contribute something small to OxFam, this is not a bad thing.

So: if anyone is interested in cheering from the sidelines, LM will be one of the faces in the crowd setting out at 7:15 next Sunday morning from Federation Square. And if anyone would be interested in making a donation to OxFam, more information can be found here. Note that, since LM is trying diligently to disqualify from the prize pool while still raising money for the Stamp Out Poverty campaign, you might need to drift over to the regular donation link on the OxFam site to make a donation not explicitly linked to a race participant.

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