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Temporal Mobility in the Academic Labour Market

I received an interesting backchannel observation yesterday, prompted (I think) by the Counter-Factual Immanence post:

The problems you raise are, perversely, quite ahistorical problems – I imagine you too could command an audience in Edinburgh in the late 1700s!

So there you have it: if my current situation doesn’t work out, the Scottish Enlightenment is hiring…

One response to “Temporal Mobility in the Academic Labour Market

  1. E May 8, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    Perhaps time travel would be a solution to many academic career ‘issues’?

    Think of a sort of Total Recall (We can remember it for you wholesale) advertisment:

    ‘If does not work out now, why not try the Enlightenment period? If that does not take your fancy try spreading critical theory in post-apocalyptic neo-Europe; formed after flooding from CO2 emissions and the second nuclear war.’

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