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Appearances Can’t Be Deceiving

Since I have no time at the moment to write on Hegel (but evidently have time to comment, when someone else writes a good post on his work), I wanted to point readers over to Larval Subjects, where Sinthome has posted a very nice reflection on among other things, Hegel’s attempt to move beyond the dichotomy of appearance and essence, and to explore some of the ways in which it can be stranger than one might think, to contemplate the possibility that things might actually be… what they appear to be… I’ve made a few comments over there that might either clarify or further confuse positions I’ve tried to develop here in the past.

At some point this week, I will try to find time to post something more substantive here – in between course planning and some very intensive conceptual work, I just haven’t quite found a way to voice the theoretical issues that are occupying my thoughts right now… But soon… Soon…

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