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This may be just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen (it helps if you’re somewhat familiar with L Magee’s site and the topics discussed over there):

“HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..

To the hundreds of fastidious commentators out there – I would love to “check it”. But the link always goes to some site which sells pharmaceuticals or other products I have no interest in. I really appreciate the sincere effort to connect on an intellectual level with my various interests: social theory, philosophy, computer science, the Semantic Web – but I’m not sure how your “blog” is “similar”? Did I miss the link to biological ontologies on your site?

Anyway, would love to discuss this further. Great blog by the way.

It does raise an interesting question, though: what kinds of spam would be relevant to your interests, LM? Perhaps you should engage in a bit of ontology-matching with some representative spammers to see whether your worldviews have more in common than you currently imagine. Perhaps there’s even some commercial potential here – a scale, perhaps, of the likelihood of spammers reaching intersubjective consensus with particular kinds of websites…

2 responses to “I Do

  1. L Magee March 16, 2007 at 12:05 am

    I’m hoping your eventual and long-overdue introduction of Google Ads would help direct more relevant spam over my way, actually. But yes, of course – the pragmatic aim of my work is to connect spammers with their audience in more meaningful ways. How else to direct the Hegelian set to their target market? For too long this minority has been sorely neglected. WordPress, to be fair, are doing their part – it is for all intensive purposes impossible to use the default anti-spam plugin. But much more remains to be done – at this stage I do no more than gesture towards it…

  2. orange. March 18, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    LOL. Thx a lot for this sunday morning laughter!

    re “For too long this minority has been sorely neglected” & re “representative spammers”

    Seemingly in the area of spamming the internet humans have taken up competition with bots again–or: There seemingly has happened great technical progress with software now being able to read “false text” (in contrast to “echter Text” which means digital text that is not an image).

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