Rough Theory

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Site Maintenance

Since Sunday evening would usually be a low-traffic night, and I am organising a blog for one of my courses anyway, I’ve been playing around with the backend for this site – upgrading WordPress and playing around with a few new plugins and such. Apologies to folks who may have been trying to access the site – particularly when the upgrade broke the old pagination plugin, and the entire posting history of RoughTheory loaded onto the front page… That was one massive scroll bar! There have also been various moments (and will likely be others over the next couple of days) where database errors prevented some or all of the site from being accessible.

Apologies for all of this (since comments were actually being posted through some of the chaos, I know at least a few people were trying to view the site while some of this was going on). And do please let me know if you notice any lingering issues.

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