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Comment Delays

Just a quick apology – and warning – that comments from “regulars” seem to be sitting around in the moderation queue for me to approve, rather than going through automatically as they should. I assume this problem is iatrogenic: an update yesterday, which was intended to help reduce the massive spam surge that has hit the site over the past couple of weeks, seems to have generated this undesired side effect.

So: even if you have posted here before, I may still need to approve the next comment you make. After that, I think you’ll be able to comment normally. Apologies for the inconvenience, particularly for Joe and Rich, who are writing wonderful, thoughtful comments, and who have both found their work held up in the moderation queue for hours… This of course would happen at a point in the year when I can’t check in very often to clear things out of moderation…

If the update has caused any other artefacts – comments never showing up, other problems with the site – please do let me know. Many thanks for your patience.

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