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Delay and Delurk

LMagee and I are currently competing to see who can read Hegel most slowly. We have a side bet going on how much of our other work can be derailed by our attempt to make the least progress in this regard… I think, though, that LM might be cheating in our little competition. In our most recent round of emails, I commented:

I was just looking over some of the Hegel, and thinking how much clearer the text seems, when I’m not actually reading it at the time…

And LM responded:

Hegel seems clearest to me when it’s back on the bookshelf, frankly…

I call foul: eyes must actually have been on text for it to count as reading Hegel slowly!!! Also, you seem to be getting a suspicious amount of other work done!!!

At any rate, while I’m getting nothing done slowly, I thought I might as well draw attention to an interesting concept over at Acephalous, where, in honour of “National De-Lurking Week”, Scott has offered to answer any* question from lurkers who will delurk for the occasion. I’m not sure I’m quite so brave, but I still wouldn’t mind hearing from lurkers around these parts – that, or you can all just go ask Scott a question, but mention that you lurk here too… ;-P

*terms and conditions apply.

4 responses to “Delay and Delurk

  1. L Magee January 13, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    True, I *am* indeed busy on a side project. Growing despondent about the difficulties of understanding past philosophers, due, in no small part, to the collective attention deficit of our over-stimulated times; and frustrated also by the sheer immensity of discourse to survey in a effort to be aprised of the history of philosophy down to the present day; I have embarked upon a venture which aims to condense this history into a convenient pharmaceutical form, to be injected or, better yet, orally ingested. As yet this project is at a highly experimental phase, but I see great potential in turning the reading group into a willing testbed for this invaluable contribution to learning – I envision it as a sort of Jackass for the aspiring literati.

    One obstacle to overcome is Hegel’s own dismantling of the fledgling and unfairly discredited science of phrenology. This was to be an indispensable aid – by measuring the dimensions and contours of skulls I had hoped to develop counteractive panacaea to the deficiencies of particular minds, resulting in a kind of neurological sublation towards eventual Absolute Knowing. This has set me back somewhat. Not to be discouraged I have continued to take countless precise readings of my cranial topography, and am keen to induct others into the research – starting, of course, with other members of the reading group.

    Looking forward to next week…

  2. N Pepperell January 14, 2007 at 5:46 am

    I had wondered why your hairstyle looked in such disarray lately – I should have realised the culprit was self-administered readings of cranial topography… Might I suggest, though, that you first perfect your techniques on the members of a certain other reading group, before either continuing with self-experimentation or, more particularly, extending your scientific attentions to our own group, whose special characteristics, I think you would agree, suggest we would more profitably be held in reserve pending the development of a more advanced technique. I could also suggest several candidates for retrophrenology, should you wish to take your studies more in the direction of applied research…

  3. Kenneth Rufo January 14, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    My delurk question, nay demand: show us the map of your head, Pepperell!

    Jpeg or png files with topographic markup appreciated.

  4. N Pepperell January 14, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    Well, LM has my calipers at the moment, and my current map is unfortunately a bit incomplete:

    Then again, I suspect the subject somewhat resembles this object… ;-P

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