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Reading Group: the Gathering

LMagee and I are both struggling with Hegel. It’s oppressively hot in Melbourne, which makes thinking about anything difficult and, for my part, I keep unaccountably wasting valuable time by doing things like getting trapped in elevators

LM, though, has put our mutual intellectual torpor to better use than I have. From an email received last night:

On the upside – I have envisaged a reading group card game, with various Attack and Defence points, along with suitable spell and trap cards. Searle of course would have high Attack and low Defence points; the Hegelian dialectic would have to be a spell card, designed to confuse and stun the opposition; Derrida perhaps a trap – as in “a trap for young players”. In any case I see ample potential for entrepreneurial exploitation – perhaps an opportunity for a future ARC project?

Anyone want to add their own suggestions?

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