Rough Theory

Theory In The Rough

Overheard in a University Coffee Shop V: Some Like It Hot

Context: a heated discussion at the next table over what would make a good flavour for an “Australian” ice cream (hyperlinked for the benefit of overseas readers… ;-P).

Woman: Vegemite!

= pause =

Woman: You know – vegemite, mixed in the ice cream!

= pause =

Man: Be kinda salty, wouldn’t it?

= pause =

Woman: WeetBix!

== long pause ==

Woman: You know – like cookies and cream! But, you know… with WeetBix…

= pause =

Woman: I don’t know… What’s “Australian” any more, anyhow?

Man: I know! Barbecue!

= pause =

Man: You know! Like charcoal grilled! Charcoal-grilled ice cream!

== long pause ==

Woman: I don’t know…

= pause =

Woman: I’ve always reckoned that ice cream is better when it’s… you know… cold…

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