Rough Theory

Theory In The Rough

Once More, With Feeling?

My day is very cluttered, and I doubt I’ll have time to write anything substantive for the blog today, but I wanted to point readers who might have been following the ongoing conversation between this blog and Larval Subjects, to Sinthome’s latest response.

I’ll confess that I got a bit of a fright, seeing the title of the post – which is “Rough Theory – The Surly Edition”… ;-P On what I must confess is a bit of a “drive by” reading of this post, though, it looks as though Sinthome is, not surprisingly, already very familiar with the ground I was trying to cover in yesterday’s post – and has offered some useful suggestions for further thought on the issue. I’ll also confirm that my intention – in all exchanges of this kind – is essentially collaborative: I regard the stakes as too important, and the task as too difficult, to approach the issue as anything other than a process of collective learning…

When I next have time, I’ll try to situate myself more explicitly in relation to some of the literatures Sinthome references in this latest post.

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