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The Scott Heard Round the World

Most readers will already know from Acephalous, Crooked Timber, or elsewhere the fate of Scott Eric Kaufman’s meme experiment, which has been discussed here on a couple of prior occasions. The methodology slam concept seems to have become a bit of a mini-meme (counter meme?) following in Scott’s wake – an unintended experimental side effect, which Scott now apparently intends to address in his MLA presentation:

I’m happy I ran the experiment, if only because I can now cite N. Pepperell’s “methodology slam” in my talk. Because if “the new interdisciplinary” means anything, it’s that people outside your tiny corner of academia can now read, evaluate and condemn your work.

Always happy to be of service…

One response to “The Scott Heard Round the World

  1. Scott Eric Kaufman December 3, 2006 at 10:13 am

    You know, I meant to ask you about that before I did it, so I’m a little red in the face…but yes, the “methodology slam” now features in second section of my talk. Drop me a line at this address — I don’t have access to the acephalous one this minute — and I’ll ask for permission all properly like.

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