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Demotivational Products

So many interesting, useful, productive things to do – and instead, I find myself browsing the catalogue at – a site that produces demotivational posters and products. Just what every PhD student needs. I’ve enjoyed the posters for mediocrity, irresponsibility, idiocy, humiliation, and doubt, but the one I really want for my office door is the poster on meetings. People who know me in person know that I’ve been on something like a year-long tirade about the number of meetings I’m expected to attend. This poster pretty much manages to distill my objections down into one concise phrase:

Meetings: Because None of Us Is as Dumb as All of Us

[Note: image @2006 Despair, Inc. URL:

One response to “Demotivational Products

  1. Edward Yates December 4, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Oh I definitely think you should at least have this on your wall! But I think due to some people’s love of ‘the meeting’ you may arouse some ire if it was on your door. ‘The meeting’ seems like it has become some senior academics’ form of procrastination. They should take a note out of PhD student’s books and start blogging or participating in online forums! 😛

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