Rough Theory

Theory In The Rough

Overheard at the Research Meeting

Selections of conversation from a meeting this evening, intended as a venue for sharing updates on PhD research in progress in the Environment and Planning area:

The Tabula Rasa

Setting: a somewhat involved discussion about the process of mapping ontological assumptions prior to beginning an intensive process of qualitative research.

Question: But do you really need to do that, you think, before you actually start doing your research?

Answer: Well, yes – I think you do. I mean, I believe there’s no such thing as the naive researcher…

Hand from the back of the room: Well, I’m pretty close!

Knickers in a Twist

Setting: a discussion of to what degree new technologies will improve compliance with environmental principles.

Argument: I think it also depends on who we’re talking about. I mean, a teenage girl with wet knickers who wants to wear them out that evening, is going to toss them in the dryer. Whereas someone at a different life stage will… will… will…

Interjection: Will go out without wearing any!

First Do No Harm

Setting: a discussion about a housing developments that heavily promote their environmental credentials.

Statement: What about Development X – I mean, I suppose it’s better than nothing…

Response: No. It’s not better than nothing.

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