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Just a quick note for local readers that I’ll be presenting at two events in late November.

First, at the semi-annual HDR conference on Wednesday, 22 November, I’ll be presenting a talk on “The Formal and Informal Ethics of Ethnographic Research” – which is intended as a low-key, interactive discussion of some of some of the problems posed for ethnographic research by the formal ethics process, as well as some of the ethical issues that fall outside the formal ethics process. The event will be free, but registration may be required (I’ll post more on the time, location and registration requirements as these become finalised).

Second, at the final Environment & Planning Lunchtime Seminar session for 2006, on Thursday, 23 November, 12:30-1:30, in the conference room in 8.7.6, I’ll be presenting a talk titled “Sentimental Blokes: Development and Heritage in Doreen, Victoria” – which, from the title, I’d guess will have something to do with the heritage dispute over the Doreen Hall – we’ll see whether this is what actually emerges when I put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard, as the case may be)… If this doesn’t inspire confidence in my presentation, I’m not sure what will… ;-P The event is free – BYO lunch – no registration required.

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