Rough Theory

Theory In The Rough

Excuses, Excuses

It occurs to me occasionally that a random reader of this blog could easily be excused for not being aware that I’m supposed to be doing a dissertation on urban planning… This insight has also occasionally occurred to my supervisors… My normal excuse for not blogging more on planning issues specifically is that I don’t believe it’s appropriate to write in a rapid-fire draft form on the somewhat sensitive issues I’m observing in the community where I’m conducting my research. Then I read something like Russell Degnan’s Knotted Paths, which reminds me that, of course, there’s more to the field than what I’m intending to cover in my dissertation – like, for example, Russell’s recent comment on the media coverage of “obesogenic” environments

Now I’ll have to think up another excuse for why I don’t write more about planning here… ;-P

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