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Look! Up in the Sky!

A Whittlesea traffic engineer accidentally captures an unidentified flying object during a routine photoshoot.

I stumbled across this photo while looking for traffic information on the Whittlesea City Council website. A traffic engineer was evidently startled to discover what he had inadvertantly captured on his digital camera during a routine visit to a local level crossing. The Council website explains:

Council refers photograph to government agencies

An employee of this major municipality during his routine work as a traffic engineer took a photograph of a level railway crossing at Beveridge north of Melbourne using a digital camera.

When it was downloaded from the camera on to a computer an object appeared in the sky on photograph.

This Council has no opinion about the object.

We just do not know what the object could be and would welcome any explanation.

This Council believes it has an obligation to pass the image on to the relevant authorities for their consideration and investigation.

The image has been referred by Council to the Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science & Technology Organisation, and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Council is considering referring it to NASA and other authorities.

Reading between the lines, it sounds to me as though, while Council may have “no opinion about the object”, it seems to harbour some uneasy suspicions…

Anyone else want to hazard a guess? Or suggest a caption for the image?

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