Rough Theory

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Bedtime Rorties

I don’t normally post personal things on this blog, but I can’t resist mentioning this example of the strange effect that PhDs have on families.

My two-year-old son has recently decided that children’s books are not for him – he now wants to “read” my books, and has learned to recognise common authors. So now, when he gets tired and is ready for a bedtime story, he’ll wander up and indicate his evening’s reading preference. Lately, it’s been: “Hek?” (Hayek) or “Rorties?” (Rorty). And then we’ll take the book he’s chosen, and I’ll read out loud from it for a bit. Then it’s time to hand it over, and he’ll “read” out loud for a bit, and then it’s off to sleep (and yes, I recognise that much older people are also put to sleep by much of what I read…).

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