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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Selfish Minds

The always interesting group anthropology blog Savage Minds seems to be enjoying itself on April Fools – transformed into “Selfish Minds” for the day. Check out the articles on:

The Genetics of Postmodernism;

Erasing the Slate; and

Elementary Structures of Sex and the City.

Not Even a Footnote to History…

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a tendency to… overannotate academic texts. This results from the tendency to want to address far more than one article can conceivably bear, so the footnotes hold non-core content, and act as placeholders for articles or portions of articles I may eventually write. The plus side is that my actual texts tend to be fairly “clean”, since anything that doesn’t contribute to the core argument tends to get pruned or moved into a note.

I’m currently working on a draft, though, that seems to have taken this tendency to some sort of new level – I’ve just realised that I have a sort of… orphaned footnote at the end of my text – something that used to be associated with some point that has long been discarded from the actual text. It no longer fits anywhere in the draft, even by my generous standards for annotation. So I thought I might as well post it here: for anyone tempted to be confused about the meaning of “historical materialism”, here is the footnote for you… Read more of this post