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Science of Logic Reading Group: Essential Hegel

Just a very quick note to folks following both the in-person and the online versions of the Science of Logic reading group. First, so that I won’t perpetually ping the good folks who have contributed to the online group, every time I do an organisational post like this one, I’ve finally created a page where […]


Hegel Summer Reading Groups For two summers, the reading group focussed on Hegel, reading Phenomenology of Spirit in 2007, and Science of Logic in 2008. The online posts associated with the reading group do not cover the text comprehensively, but instead focus on the interests and concerns of the people writing the post. The Science […]

Anticipating Hegel

I’m coming down with a cold – and working on Lukács – and one or the other of these things is making it very difficult for me to write anything intelligible to anyone else. I did want to mention, for anyone who hasn’t clicked through in a while, that Tom Bunyard from Monagyric and I […]

Hegel Summer School Next Week

Just a reminder to local readers interested in the Hegel Summer School, that the event is next week (urk!!). Registration forms are available here, and general information about the event is here. The format of the event has been tweaked somewhat (the website doesn’t yet reflect the most recent changes). I will now be speaking […]

Star-Crossed Hegelians

I’ve been buried with work, and haven’t been keeping up on my Hegel posting, but will get back to the Science of Logic very soon. In the meantime, two celestial-themed Hegel posts from other sites. Tom over at Grundlegung draws attention to a special double issue of the online, open access journal Cosmos and History, […]

Random Hegel

The other day, I was looking through Andy Blunden’s “The Meaning of Hegel’s Logic”, which I gather Andy prepared for the first Hegel Summer School back in 1997. I laughed at this comment, which Andy makes in his introduction: Following Lenin’s advice, we recommend a “materialist reading” of the Logic. That is, where Hegel talks […]

And While I’m Talking about Hegel

I also wanted to toss up one quotation from the concluding passages to Hegel’s Introduction to the Phenomenology – with apologies that I’m too tired to explain right now why I think this quote is interesting in relation to the discussion that has been taking place between myself, L Magee, and Andrew Montin, over how […]

Hegelian Fog

I had intended to write something during the break on The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology – a work over which the reading group discussion has tarried. When we originally met to discuss our agreed selections, I found myself repeatedly supporting my own interpretations with reference to sections of the text that fell outside our […]

Hegelian Poker

So the reading group reconvened for its first proper discussion in some time, to discuss Mannheim’s Ideology and Utopia. I won’t pre-empt the substantive online discussion, which L Magee will lead off when time permits. It may be worth mentioning in passing a new reading group tradition – which somehow got dubbed “Hegelian Poker” – […]

The Slow Hegelians

Okay – time to disabuse Sinthome of the notion that I have a clue when it comes to reading Hegel… 😉 I had promised some time ago to write something on the Introduction to Phenomenology. Many of the points I’ll make here have come up in other ways by now, as the reading group discussion […]